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25 February 2009 @ 07:30 pm
Se7en - Vol.2 24/SE7EN  
Please leave a comment if you are going to download, and keep in mind that individual links (if there are any) do not have to be downloaded to be sampled. They can be sampled right online // If you would prefer a different server than the one provided please reply and state the specific server. // Please enjoy! :)

Hello everyone, I'm your other new maintainer! I really hope I can upload as many albums as possible so you can enjoy the best all around the world. I'll try to post unknown artists often, it's always fun to ear some new music ^^.
Firstly, I wanna thank sweetxsoul for letting me become a part of this community! Then, please enjoy this wonderful album from Se7en, his secound one, who has a lot of good songs I believe!
That's pretty much it, come often to see what other artist you may found :)

24/SE7EN - Se7en
Release Date: March 8, 2006
Artist Type: Male soloist
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop, R&B
Bit Rate: 84,726 KB
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Download: [ 4shared ]

01. Intro (24-7)
02. I Know (ft. Teddy)
03. LOVE STORY (ft. Masta Wu)
04. Come Back to Me (part 2)
05. OH NO! (ft. Teddy)
06. Interlude (Heaven)
07. All Night
08. Because I Want to Live
10. Worm (ft. Jinu)
11. Block my Mouth (ft. Perry)
12. Interlude (Follow me)
13. BABY U
14. Run (ft. G-Dragon & Taekwon)
15. A Departure Like Ice
16. Just Like That Man
17. Outro (7 virus)

Renge-Sama: XDrenge_sama on February 26th, 2009 04:03 am (UTC)
Yay! Se7en!
Thanks for sharing<3
Amya_fadingromance on February 26th, 2009 04:18 am (UTC)
Agumonsevoth on February 26th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
I've never listened to him, but this seems like a good time to start. Thanks! =D
merlinspants on February 27th, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
d/led, thanks :)