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19 January 2010 @ 08:41 pm
[mod] oh hi!  
hey everyone,
lately i've been busy with midterms/school musical so i haven't been able to download let alone upload music for your entertainment, and with the official departure of sweetxseoul i just wanted to open the community up to a brand new team of mods (i'm thinking 3 others, are you up for it?)

- know how file hosting sites work, such as mediafire/megaupload/etc.
- be interested in korean music! of course mods are allowed to update with other genres, but we are called kpop_sweets
- be able to update weekly, or have some type of spare time. of ocurse i respect that everyone has a private life, but it'd be great to have this community up-and-running again (:
- know html! basic things like clickable links, simple really. also be comfortable with the current template that is set.
- be friendly, that's basic really.

think you're interested? fill out the form!

comments ARE screened, thanks for applying, and i appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. don't be afraid to apply!
applications are closed FRIDAY JANUARY 22ND, will be announced the same day!