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03 February 2009 @ 07:26 pm
Looking For People To Make A Team!  

Hello everyone! Here is your mod sweetxseoul, I just wanted to tell you that kpop_sweets is looking for two uploaders to help out.

A few things that are expected for an uploader are the following:
- Be able to work with the template that I've set up (ie. Artist: Genre: etc.)
- Dedicated to keeping this community up-to-date
- Ability to work as a team (rudeness and other abuses will not be tolerated)

If you're interested, please copy and paste this and fill out the form:

Have you uploaded any music before:
Do you upload in other communities:
Music that you would like to upload (Korean, Japanese, etc.):
How many hours are you usually online:
Anything else:

If you are accepted I will give you the template, and the sites that I usually get albums from. All comments are screened. So please don't be afraid to apply!